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Tools documentation

This is the new version of the Tools list. For help on the old svn (finite DMRG) tools, see Main.Tools-old

General tools

  • mp-info
    General information about a wavefunction
  • mp-history
    History log of commands that have modified a wavefunction
  • mp-attr
    Retrieve or modify a wavefunction attribute
  • mp-lattice-info
    Display information about a lattice file (unit cell, local operators, etc)
  • mp-show-operator
    Displays a representation of an iMPO

Tools for manipulating wavefunctions (finite, infinite, or IBC)

  • mp-reflect
    Spatially reflect a wavefunction
  • mp-conj
    Complex-conjugate a wavefunction
  • mp-wigner-eckart
    Project {$SU(2)$} symmetry down to {$U(1)$}
  • mp-reorder-symmetry
    Rearrange or modify the symmetries of a wavefunction
  • mp-coarsegrain?
    Coarse-grain transformation of a wavefunction
  • mp-finegrain?
    Fine-grain transformation of a wavefunction (reverse of mp-coarsegrain)
  • mp-random
    Construct a random wavefunction from a superposition of random product states
  • mp-scale
    Scale a finite or IBC wavefunction by a scalar value
  • mp-construct
    Create a finite or infinite product state

Specific for infinite wavefunctions:

  • mp-irotate
    Rotate the unit cell of an infinite wavefunction
  • mp-irepeat?
    Enlarge an infinite wavefunction with repeated copies of the unit cell
  • mp-idivide?
    Divide the unit cell of a wavefunction into a smaller section; the inverse of mp-irepeat.
  • mp-iapply?
    Act on a wavefunction with a ProductMPO (string operator)
  • mp-idmrg-s3e?
  • mp-right-canonicalize?
    Convert an iMPS from left-canonical form to right-canonical form
  • mp-left-canonicalize?
    Convert an iMPS from right-canonical form to left-canonical form

Specific for finite wavefunctions:

Specific for IBC wavefunctions:

Specific for EA wavefunctions:

  • mp-excitation-ansatz
    Calculate excited states with a specified momentum using the MPS excitation ansatz
  • mp-ea-create
    Create an EA wavefunction as a momentum superposition of an operator acting on an infinite wavefunction
  • mp-ea-extend
    Add sites to the windows of an EA wavefunction
  • mp-ea-change-k
    Change the momentum of an EA wavefunction
  • mp-ea-dmrg
    Optimise the windows of an EA wavefunction using a DMRG-like algorithm

Observables, expectation values, ...

  • mp-aux-matrix
    Construct operators acting in the 'auxiliary' basis of the MPS
  • mp-overlap
    Calculate the overlap of two finite wavefunctions
  • mp-expectation
    Calculate an expectation value of an operator
  • mp-norm
    Calculate the 2-norm of a finite wavefunction

Specific for infinite wavefunctions:

  • mp-ioverlap
    Calculate the overlap per unit cell of two iMPS
  • mp-icorrelation
    Calculate a real-space two-point correlation function or string correlation
  • mp-ispectrum
    Calculate the transfer matrix spectrum, and operator expansions
  • mp-ies
    Calculate the symmetry-resolved entanglement spectrum of a wavefunction
  • mp-imoments
    Calculate higher moments or cumulants of a TriangularMPO (infinite sum of operators), also for momentum-space correlations
  • mp-iexpectation-cross
    Calculate an expectation value of an operator with respect to two iMPS
  • mp-allcorrelation
    Calculate all correlations within a unit cell of an iMPS
  • mp-aux-algebra?
    Calculate projective symmetry relations for the entanglement Hamiltonian

Specific for IBC wavefunctions:

  • mp-ibc-overlap
    Calculate the overlap of two IBC wavefunctions
  • mp-ibc-correlation
    Calculate a two-point correlation function from an IBC time evolution simulation

Specific for EA wavefunctions:

  • mp-ea-moments
    Calculate expectation values of infinite operators for EA wavefunctions

Time evolution

  • mp-tebd?
    TEBD algorithm for finite systems
  • mp-itebd?
    iTEBD algorithm for infinite systems
  • mp-tdvp
    TDVP algorithm for finite systems
  • mp-itdvp
    iTDVP algorithm for infinite systems
  • mp-ibc-tdvp
    TDVP algorithm for IBC wavefunctions

There is a Template file for new tools pages.

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