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The mp-lattice-info command displays a variety of information about a lattice file.


mp-lattice-info [options] <wavefunction>

The mp-lattice-info command displays information about a lattice file, including a description of the lattice, the command line that was used to generate the file, the symmetries, the unit cell, operators, and functions.



show help message

-v, --verbose

show additional information. Can be used multiple times. One level of -v lists every local operator at each site of the unit cell. Two levels -v -v additionally lists the matrix elements of each local operator.


  1. The lattice of an infinite spin-1/2 chain:

    $ spinchain-su2 -o lattice
    $ mp-lattice-info lattice
    Description: SU(2) Spin chain
    Command line: spinchain-su2 -o lattice
    Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2016 07:14:04 +1000
    SymmetryList: S:SU(2)
    Unit cell size: 1
       site [0] is: SU(2) Spin 1/2
    Unit cell operators:
       F          - transforms: 4, commutes: Bosonic
       I          - transforms: 0, commutes: Bosonic
       P          - transforms: 0, commutes: Bosonic
       Q          - transforms: 2, commutes: Bosonic
       R          - transforms: 0, commutes: Bosonic
       S          - transforms: 1, commutes: Bosonic
       T          - transforms: 3, commutes: Bosonic
    Unit Cell functions:
    Lattice constants:
    Lattice operators:
       H_B1       - nearest neighbor biquadratic spin exchange (S.S)^2
       H_B2       - next-nearest neighbor biquadratic spin exchange (S.S)^2
       H_B3       - next-next-nearest neighbor biquadratic spin exchange (S.S)^2
       H_J1       - nearest neighbor spin exchange
       H_J2       - next-nearest neighbor spin exchange
       H_J3       - next-next-nearest neighbor spin exchange
       H_Q1       - nearest neighbor quadrupole exchange (Q.Q)
       H_Q2       - next-nearest neighbor quadrupole exchange (Q.Q)
       H_Q3       - next-next-nearest neighbor quadrupole exchange (Q.Q)
    Lattice functions:

    This is an easy way to look up the various operators defined on a lattice.


  1. The descriptions of the model and operators need to be explicitly set by the model program. Not all models do this, so the information displayed by mp-lattice-info can be of variable quality.
  2. When writing or modifying models, remember to set descriptions for the model itself, and all operators and functions.
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