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The mp-ies command constructs the entanglement spectrum of a wavefunction, labelled by the eigenvalue (phase angle) of a unitary symmetry operator (typically a spatial symmetry).


mp-ies [options] <wavefunction> <operator>



show help message

-q, --quiet

Don't show column headings in the output


Display the angle in radians instead of degrees


Display the angle in units of {$\pi$} radians instead of degrees (scale goes from -1 to +1)


don't gauge fix the phase angles, leave it as some random phase as obtained from the eigensolver


list the spectrum by quantum number sector instead of by eigenvalue


write the output to a separate file for each quantum number sector as prefix-qsector.dat

-v, --verbose

verbose mode. Increase level of informational output, can be used more than once (maximum level s 3)



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