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Optimise an EA wavefunction with multi-site windows using the EA DMRG algorithm.


mp-ea-dmrg [options] -w <psi>

Brief description



Show help message.

-H, --Hamiltonian

The operator the use for the Hamiltonian (if unspecified, use wavefunction attribute Hamiltonian of psi).

-w, --wavefunction

The filename of the EA wavefunction to be optimised (required).

-n, --num

The number of sweeps to perform (default 2).


Error tolerance for the local eigensolver (default 1e-10).


Error tolerance for the GMRES algorithm for solving the left and right block Hamiltonians (default 1e-13).


Error tolerance for the magnitude of transfer matrix eigenvalues close to one (default 1e-12).


Reduce the amount of normal output made by the program.

-v, --verbose

Increase verbosity.


This tool optimises the energy of the multi-site window EA wavefunction by sweeping through all of the windows simultaneously, updating the {$n$}th site of each window at the same time, using an algorithm based on finite-size DMRG.

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Page last modified on October 12, 2023, at 02:56 AM