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How to get the source code

The source code is hosted on Github, at

git clone

If you have been asked to download a specific branch of the source tree, use

git clone --branch <branch-name> git://

After a git clone, it is necessary to run the script inside the source directory:


(If you get an error similar to Permission denied then for some reason the file permissions haven't been set properly; try chmod u+x mptoolkit/ to fix it).

You only need to run once, immediately after a "git clone". This is because git doesn't keep track of modification times of files, so after cloning a repository for the first time the modification dates of files will be the time that the repository was cloned, not when they were last modified in the repository. This confuses the build system into thinking that some files are out of date when they are actually OK. Normally, it is only necessary to run once, immediately after cloning the repository. In exceptional cases it might also be necessary to run if, for example if some files used in the build system are updated.

Once you have downloaded the toolkit, the next step is Installing.

How to use git

Some notes on Git

Old versions, and finite-size tools

The old subversion repository is at svn:// .

To download the most recent public version of the finite-size tools (which is quite old by now), use

svn co svn://

Username and password of 'guest' should work.

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