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The mp-conj command performs the complex-conjugation an MPS.


mp-conj [options] <input-psi> [output-psi]



show help message

-f, --force

overwrite the output file, if it exists


The mp-conj command takes an input wavefunction file, preforms the complex conjugation of the MPS, and writes it to the output file. If the output file isn't specified, then the reflection is performed in-place, overwriting the old input file.

If the output file already exists, then mp-conj will refuse to overwrite it, unless you specify also the --force option.


  1. Calculate the complex-conjugation of psi1, and save it as psi2

    mp-reflect psi1 psi2

    If psi2 already exists, then this will fail with an error, leaving the existing file psi2 untouched. To force overwriting psi2, add the -f option.
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Page last modified on April 13, 2016, at 01:48 PM