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Apply an operator onto an IBC wavefunction.


mp-ibc-apply [options] -w <window-operator> <psi-in> <psi-out>



Show help message.

-l, --left

Product operator acting on the left boundary.

-w, --window

Finite operator acting on the window.

-f, --force

Force overwriting the output file if it already exists (not required if psi-in == psi-out).


Normalise the window of the output wavefunction.

-v, --verbose

Increase verbosity.


This tool can be used to apply a finite operator to the window of an IBC wavefunction by using the -w option. If the window is currently not big enough for the operator, extra sites will be incorporated from the boundaries.

The tool also supports applying a product operator to the left boundary by the -l option. However, this implementation is very primitive and should be used with caution, since we assume that this operator preserves the orthogonality of the left boundary. Generally anyway, you would want to set your left and right boundaries when creating the wavefunction with mp-ibc-create, instead of changing the boundaries later.

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Page last modified on October 19, 2023, at 07:37 AM