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This page lists administrators' experiences with using PmWiki on various web hosting services. Feel free to add your own experiences, good or bad. Pm? is always interested in knowing how PmWiki can be improved to work on more web hosts.

Note: None of the listed services are endorsed or trusted by the PmWiki development team. Some were added without any mention about experience with running PmWiki. Those that look like advertisements probably are.

Note: Please do not place here affiliate links or links to websites that are not direct hosting providers but offer comparisons and affiliate/ad promotion.

If PmWiki did not work for you on a particular webhost, be sure to note the version of PmWiki that you were attempting to install.

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webhosts with 2777 problem

My web host doesn't give my any chance to change permission to 2777, but I do successfully installed wiki by creating needed directories manually and changing it's permissions to 777. --CleverFool


Found it today. 100 MB free webspace, ftp and browser upload, PHP, MySQL, Perl/CGI and 100 % free. That's what they promise. So PmWiki should work. It works! Only problem was chmod command, which needed a prefix "site". In total: site chmod 2777 /PmWiki Now I have to do a lot to customize it...

If you like to see it under construction with the marathon skin: or with a much nicer URL

-Armin (a proud PmWiki Host)

Free web hosting service that I am actually using, 100Mo, 3000Mo/month bandwidth. Inconvenients : banner. 2.0 PmWiki works fine on it.

No problem. German discounter, millions of domains are being hosted here. --scoid?

all the bells and whistles. FREE. with cpanel, mysql, php, FTP, fantastico. Hosted on freeBSD system with unlimited bandwidth from 10mb to 200mb on request. No advertisements.


A2 Hosting

1-click Setup PMWiki Hosting ( on SwiftServer and 24/7 Support. You can also get VPS Hosting with a whopping discount when purchased with coupons from this page

Abyss Webserver (local server on Windows/Linux/Mac/freeBSD)

Xitami gave me a few troubles, Apache is a bit bigger (around 50x), Abyss is the smallest and never let me down ( -- Sure Its The Truth. See also: wiki on a stick? for more info.

german low cost hoster (offspin from 1&1), works great with the "webmaster package" that also comes with shell access -Uli?


This is a small, personable one-man provider with good service and green electricity. My three big complicated websites are running fine.

Bionic-Hosting - unfortunately no longer with us

A relatively new player in the field. I'm very happy with the results. I've got a lot of pagelisting and other resource-hungry scripts and still getting a reasonable speed. FTP and control panel always available (not always been so with other hosts in the past. -DaveCooke?


I have found PmWiki works fine with this inexpensive webhost. ps: LUV UR work Patrick --

Canadian Web Inexpensive, helpful, fast, tons of features with even the basic package (cpanel, mysql, php, FTP, WebMail, phpBB, couple of pre-loaded cgi scripts, Fantastico, php, Perl, thought it had Python but isn't on the list). Several packages between basic (which runs PmWiki) to virtual reseller packages, so something in every price range. Helpful support staff.

Twice in 6 years something in mod_security or other server setting changed, which broke PmWiki. Therefore, can only partly-recommend as PmWiki host, which is a shame because they have great support, especially considering we only have the economy package. As soon as I narrowed it down to a server setting, they fixed it. However, it would be frustrating for someone who isn't familiar with PmWiki to begin with.

Note: same name .ca is a different provider. Sandy? - failed is a free webhost offering 100 MB free space without advertising. I could change permissions to 2777, could install all PmWiki files, could test it and it worked! Sounds nice, well, it worked for about 10 seconds. Than I realized: many files were just deleted and I did remember that at this webhost only these: .txt|\.htm|\.html|\.js|\.css|\.log|.cfg|\.jpg|\.gif|\.png|\.php|\.inc\.tpl file types are allowed and "Any other files located by will be automatically deleted by the server." Yes, it did! -Armin

Other free webhosts - failed too I'll add the other failed webhosts I tried later. In all cases I could not change permission to 2777.



This is the web hosting service that originally hosted and So it works well with PmWiki. Good rates, good service.


F No issues, installs seamlessly. Runs with ModSecurity and CloudLinux for optimal performance and Wiki security.

Works well. Cookbooks work well here, especially things like Cookbook:SpellChecker since FQ servers are all Linux. Very flexible host for a shared host. Not necessarily the cheapest, and doesn't provide as much space/bandwidth as others, but a very reliable host with good support. Ccox? - failed

First a quick comment: yesterday I filed my question about a list of succesful PmWiki installations in the faq section, and just a few hours later it has it's own folder and already 3 listed points - GREAT!

Main problem with (my payed webhost), I could not change the permission from 755 to 2777. Even 777 failed. I'm using FileZilla for ftp. In command line mode of FileZilla the command CHMODE is responded as unkown command. Due to crummy support (forget email, don't ask about service phone) I tried also other webhosts (see next entry). Sorry for maybe wrong non-expert-expressions, but I'm a Wiki-Newbie. -Armin

What version of PmWiki were you trying to install? --Pm
A: the actual one, or better to say it was the actual one last week (1.0.13)
Meanwhile I know, why it failed at freenet. I need to upgrade their service, because actual package does not include php-support (and otheres). - Armin

Upload pmwiki files, rename pmwiki.php to index.php5 and it works. noe?

You can also create a .htaccess file at the root of your website, and add "PHP 1" to it, so it will automatically enable php5. farvardin?

Right, I found a recommandation in the web as well: php support, cgi-bin, etc., but I would have to fight with this language -Armin


This is another free host with FTP, PHP/MYSQL, Plesk control panel. 50 MB with 1000MB bandwidth per month. Has ads. Hosted using Redhat Linux.

What about godaddy? Any problems there?

No problems at all -- on their LINUX servers. Even supports ModRewrite based Clean URLs. Windows servers don't seem to have PHP support listed. (XES?)

When my site was at GoDaddy (using their linux economy package), my wiki pages took unacceptably long to render. (I have a large config.php and use lots of includes.) I moved to another host and the performance problem vanished. - RandyB

GoDaddy is no longer supporting PmWiki. They are removing it from their "quick-install" list. - DaveJ

12/7/20: GoDaddy offers PMWiki but offers no support for it, and sometimes their server changes simply break it or make certain pages impossible to save. A November 2020 update did this to several of my pages; they work fine on other servers, but not on GoDaddy's.

H (Canadian Hosting Provider - RHat Virtual hosting)

Works perfectly. Only thing that needed some minor adjustment was permissions / ownership of the *.php files. SoundChaser?

Fully managed and optimized hosting for pmwiki. All in one solution, support, security, optimization.

Good rates, they allow shell access, ImageMagick is installed and 24/7 support. Works great...Keith

HostNoc We manage complete servers solutions with continuous integration, deployment and delivery so that you get smooth and flawless experience. (Cloud Shared hosting provider and Cloud VPS Hosting provider)

Growing fast because of high-speed cloud server and provides any hosting plan at $1 for 1st year for new signups. Accepts cryptocurrency payment in Bitcoin and other 50+ alt coins (A a provider of Web Hosting Services )

HostSailor provides VPS hosting, Dedicated Servers, Domains, SSL certificates, and a variety of other hosting services. ) offers some of the most competitive pricing, without sacrificing on the quality of the products and services. Pay for your hosting with Bitcoin/Altcoin on HostSailor. (A Cloud Hosting Provider )

HostMines provides cloud shared hosting, Full Managed Cloud VPS, Managed Cloud Dedicated server, Domain Registration. Email Hosting. Our cloud web hosting plans start from Less than $1 per month.

Accepted Payment Method: Paypal, PayU, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer

Community owned hosting service in Germany. No service, but great mailing-lists. No web-frontend, you have to install by command line. 2.0 PmWiki runs here. --scoid?


This is a good host, $65 a year including domain, php, mysql if you want, infinite emails. Pmwiki works like a charm. They run redhat 9, apache and php 4.3 with latest security.



L (US Hosting Provider)

Works great without problems using smallest "Shuttle Hosting Plan". DanielFriedmann?


Worked very nice when I signed up. Some times it has been too slow, but then they have moved me to another server, and things has been ok again. Has php/perl/python/ssh and lots of goodies. -- Tom Cato

MilesWeb Hosting

1-click Setup PMWiki Hosting ( on SwiftServer and 24/7 Support.

Very impressive and lightning fast. PmWiki works very smooth there. From $6/mo. mikei?


NearlyFreeSpeech the original home of "only pay for what you use" hosting.
I've been using this web host for over a month to host my PmWiki installation and the last 3 weeks of June 2008 cost me $0.05.


(I (tca) had to split the server name to edit this page, since it was blocked.) I've recently installed PmWiki at Netfirms and it works perfectly! One thing: I cannot find the documentation for GroupAttributes... any advice? (see PmWiki.Passwords --Pm?)
in its smallest offer, PmWiki runs here.
ISP runs its company, computers and routers with "green" electric power, here from Greenpeace Energy eG/ Germany. The only webhosting service, I know so far (not only in Germany, but international) with this particular offer. -- scoid?



New home for and Virtual Private Server. Full root access. 24/7 support.

FreeBSD-based webhost without shell access. Pmwiki 1.0.13 standard install via untar/FTP/pmwiki.php worked and pmwiki seems to function well. -Marty



Fully-Managed PMWiki Hosting ( on a SSD VPS and 24/7 Support. Tutorials on how to install PMWiki on a VPS:

My site is at They moved my site to a newer server, breaking it, and they had to manually update the permissions to get it working again. Now that they've moved it, it's snappier. It had been dragging on the old system. Here's the scoop on their setup: (Patrick, et al.: Feel free to edit out anything that doesn't pertain to pmWiki's implementation. Thanks. --Doug Parker)

*Microsoft Windows Server 2003
*IIS (Internet Information Server) 6.0
*ASP (Active Server Pages) 3.0+
*CDO (Collaboration Data Objects) 1.2.1
*ColdFusion MX 6.1
*FrontPage 2002
*Perl 5.6
*CGI (Common Gateway Interface)
*PHP (Personal Home Pages) 4.2.3
*Python 2.3
*SSI (Server Side Includes)
*SSL (Secure Socket Layer)


Another Free web hosting service that I've found. 100Mo, 10000Mo/month bandwith. Inconvenients : banner once again. Had some troubles with French accentuated character (using Firefox, those characters were transformed into code ; using IE 6, never managed to enter those characters properly).

They install scripts - including PMwiki - for free and have responded to help request tickets in minutes.

one of germany's biggest hosting providers. 1.0.13 runs smooth in a PowerWeb A (since 10/2004). unpack, upload, basically done. config.php needs some edits ; especially when using file upload, enable sessionauth!


THR Support

Offers fully managed services for PmWiki - including 24/7 support, web hosting, maintenance, configuration, installation, updates, security fixes and patches and custom development. Contact for a free quote.



UK Web Hosting Webhost.UK.Net offers PMWiki Cheap UK hosting plans just for £1.25/month. They offer the Cpanel Linux Hosting in UK with latest PHP5,MYSQL,Perl softcaulous and 24/7 lightning fast customer support with 99.9% uptime guarantee.


US Web Hosting WebHost.US.Com is on the reliable US web Hosting Company offering best PMWiki Web Hosting on Cpanel/WHM Servers with unlimited domain creation and unlimited database with true 24/7/365 VIP customer support.Had very nice experience with this host.


XAMPP server was installed on my pc on windows, and my pmwiki site (wiki, wiki.d, index.php) files were loaded in htdocs folder and blam my site was online! didn't even need to configure anything. Readme says you need Microsoft Visual C++ installed for php to work properly, which I had. See also: wiki on a stick? for more info.

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