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Current PmWiki version is pmwiki-2.3.25
This is the "current best guesses" on upcoming features for PmWiki:

Features planned for 2.3.x

Features planned for 2.2.x

Features added to the 2.2.0 beta series

  • Page text variables (2.2.0-beta1) ✓
  • Extensible page list (2.2.0-beta13) ✓
  • Relative links and page variables in markup text (2.2.0-beta1) ✓
  • Add an UpdatePage() function for recipes to update pages (2.2.0-beta13) ✓
  • (:input select ...:) markup (PITS:00567) (2.2.0-beta17) ✓
  • Set default values for input forms (2.2.0-beta17) ✓
  • Built-in blocklist capability (2.2.0-beta13) ✓
  • Leading spaces rule can be disabled (2.2.0-beta41) ✓
  • Improved draft capabilities (PITS:00755) (2.2.0-beta43) ✓
  • Set input focus (2.2.0-beta53) ✓
  • Listing of site-wide permissions settings (AuthList) (2.2.0-beta52) ✓
  • Improved UTF-8 handling in searches (2.2.0-beta43) ✓
  • Move admin pages in Site.* to SiteAdmin group (2.2.0-beta58) ✓

Things planned post-2.3.0

  • add some of the core candidates? to the PmWiki base
  • Convert PmWiki default charset to UTF-8
  • Show search terms in context
  • Sort search results by relevance
  • Allow spaces in usernames and authorization groups
  • Centralized authorization control
  • Redesign of PageStore and $PCache (likely 2.3 or later)
    • more efficient searches/indexing
    • handle non-UTF-8 characters on Mac OS/X
    • case-insensitive page names on case-sensitive filesystems
    • page names with spaces
  • Email to wiki gateway
  • Blogging (PITS:BlogFeatures)
  • WikiCreole 1.0 support
  • Better RTL support (from ideas contributed by anyone who can test and report)
  • Update pagelists to be able to do refcounts
  • Allow trail= option to pagelist to accept wildcards
  • Add duplicates=yes option to pagelist (default to duplicates=no)

Requests for new features should be added to PITS?, or sent to the pmwiki-users mailing list.

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This page may have a more recent version on PmWiki:RoadMap, and a talk page: PmWiki:RoadMap-Talk.

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