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Are you using PmWiki? Feel free to add your site to the list below, and to our PmWikiUsers-Map! If you want to describe even more about how PmWiki is working for you, add it to Success Stories!

ForHire lists some people who design sites, install PmWiki, administer, etc. for a fee.

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Commercial Sites


  • Canadian Air Force Intranet Sites - PmWiki is used on a variety of intranet sites not accessible from the Internet. The link is to a screen capture of one such site - an online repository for the Communications and Electronics Engineering Air Operations Command, Control and Information Services Course. PmWiki has been styled to conform to the latest version of the Government of Canada Common Look and Feel Guidelines for the Internet.
  • Netherlands Patent Office intranet site - PmWiki is used on the intranet site not accessible from the outside. The site uses single sign-on, an LDAP integrated phone book and several other cookbook recipes.

Medical/Health Care

  • American Physicians, Inc. - We are a hospitalist group based in Arizona. We use pmwiki for our intranet and are very pleased with it. It is intelligently laid out and very extensible.
  • Dr Toolbox - A platform and a mobile app in the UK allowing medical professionals to find, add and update information about their work in their hospital, and share it with their teams. (Created and maintained by Petko?, core developer of PmWiki).

Game Sites

  • CTP2 Apolyton Edition Modding Wiki -- A Wiki for documentation on the extended and improved modding capabilites introduced to the pc strategy game Call To Power 2 through modification of it's source code, which has been released into public domain (well at least: sort of) by manufacturer Activision two years ago :) The Wiki is part of CTP2 Bureau - The Modding Knowledgebase (Mar 30, 2006)
  • EmuWiki - a site on the emulators and the old games/computers.

Hobby Sites

  • SW City Builders Academy - A resource for help with building in the Active Worlds 3D virtual universe.
  • SW City Encyclopedia - A comprehensive encyclopedia describing details of SW City, a city within the Active Worlds 3D virtual universe.


  • - A database of science fiction and fantasy stories, stand-alone and series and their authors, editors and compilers.


  • - Compendium of 'How Nature Works'
  • - Wikihistory - A free world history.
  • - RedEscuela Comunity. A place to share educational content speaking. Currently google analytics shows over 1200 hits a day (until August 2012)
  • Helsinki University of Technology Department of Automation and Systems Technology, with subsidiary sites and as well as over a dozen intranet sites
  • Psychology 2.0 - A new approach to the science of psychology based on web 2.0 tools. Not only a new method of posting and evaluating human related articles but including the outlines of a new paradigm for psychology. You can read, write and VOTE
  • ITGSwiki a CAC High school collaborative resource project specifically for I.B. 'Information in a Global Society' subject.
  • FAMe Frankfurt - A German research group interested in anthropology and media - Forschungsnetzwerk Anthropologie des Medialen
  • McGrath Computer Learning Center, Univ. of S. Carolina Aiken
  • Demotech, design for self-reliance How to overcome cultural restraints and take initiatives in developing technology, specially related to poverty and environmental decay.
  • Toposcopie - open source method to describe reality
  • - A wiki dedicated to verbs.
  • - Astronomical software support at IAC
  • - Dedicated to knowledges in Electric Engeniring in STS, Annemasse, France
  • - Philosophy IANs Laboratory - an experimental wiki for using and sharing various ressources


Non-profit and other groups

  • - plateforme de développement et de promotion des échanges non-marchands et de la culture libre.
  • North Texas Linux Users Group (NTLUG) - One of the largest and oldest Linux Users Groups.
  • - A site about Ada (Jul 14 2005)
  • Toyota MR2 Wiki - Information on the Toyota MR2. DaveG? (Jul 8 2005)
  • - Freeware extension for Microsoft Outlook Express.
  • - Public and Private Wiki of the Corebounce association. (PHP error in July 2020)
  • - An encyclopedic information site on Joss Whedon's show Firefly.
  • - group collaboration projects including a manual for people with multiple personalities BY people with multiple personalities
  • Rural Canyons Conservation Fund - Promoting smart and reasonable growth in the development of rural areas. (Mar 17, 2004)
  • - a collaboration for DIY knowledge and sharing experience with opensource solar technology for solar greenhouses, self-reliant homes, Eco Villages and sustainable communities.
  • TV Tropes Wiki - a wiki about devices and conventions used in a variety of media. Note: This site no longer uses PmWiki in any way; the only trace that remains is in the URL. The source code shows an early version of Pm Wiki markup, but no code is in use.
  • Alien Times - Newsletter written by and for the foreign residents of Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan
  • Trains of Turkey All data regarding trains and railways in Turkey. This website existed has 6 years of existence and is being transformed into a Wiki.
  • NSLU2-Linux - NSLU2-Linux development group and user community
  • Sargeliai community - A regional community website
  • Disability Clothesline - exposing violence and abuse of the disabled through personal stories drawn on t-shirts - New Zealand (November 2009)
  • Macintosh User Group of Ottawa, Canada - A volunteer organization that promotes and supports the use of Apple Macintosh computers, iPhones, iPods, and iPads.
  • freiheitsfoo - Open group on freedom and fundamental/human rights, especially within our more and more digitalized world. (German language only, sorry!)
  • - New York Linux Users Group Hacking Society Chapter/Coding Workshop (December 2013) Timeout in May 2020
  • - Shared notes of all varities of The Ekvastra team.

Projects/project management

Sourceforge Projects



  • - website of Accent Bulgaria, Architecture and Real estate consulting, uses PmWiki since at least March 2005, currently uses Mini? and Maxi? galleries, Ape? embedding, DeObMail? and a few custom addons. (April 2019)



  • Oliphant - A medieval music ensemble from Finland (Skin error in May 2020)


voir aussi, en français


Hindi | हिन्दी

Hungarian (Magyar)


  • Rally Reykjavik - The site for the Icelandic International Rally (motorsport)



  • Konkyo - Bilingual (Japanese/English) site. Articles on faith and science translated into Japanese from a variety of sources.




  • AVIKT - Personal wiki for use of PmWiki in education.
  • Vreng - Homepage for the Norwegian Adbusters magazine Vreng.
  • - Homepage for, school teaching Argentine tango in Oslo, Norway.


  • - Wiki-based informative website on events & places in Torun, created, edited and run daily by users directly.
  • - Almost all about art of stenography/shorthand - in Polish language


  • Mundos & Fundos - Personal page of José Geraldo Gouvêa, with his fiction, poetry and miscellaneous writings.


  • REVIDA Nadstavbové aplikácie pre získanie informácií z dát iných aplikácií.


  • The home page of the Mushroom Society of Maribor, Slovenia




  • Blah-blah A Swiss site containing hints about Linux/Gentoo, IT-Projects, arts, general discussions. Experimenting with "A bit modern" skin and "Snap"-previews of external links. English / Italiano.


Personal sites

Linux Sites

DOS Sites

Cloud sites

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