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Features at a Glance

For a more narrative explanation of these features, please visit the Features page.


  • Built-in These features are in the basic, core installation of PmWiki, though some may require activation via configuration.
  • Plug-in PmWiki does not support these features in the core installation. However, one member or members of the PmWiki Community have authored a plug-in that satisfies these features.
  • Not Yet PmWiki does not support these features in the core. Neither has there been sufficient interest in the Community to develop a plug-in for these features.

Data Storage

Data Storage At a Glance
Built-in File-Based Data Storage
Plug-in Database-Based Data Storage
Not Yet Revision Control Software Based Data Storage


Security At a Glance
Built-in Page Permissions Built-in Whitelist Plug-in CAPTCHA
Built-in ACL Plug-in Host Blocking Plug-in Blacklist
Built-in Authentication Backends Built-in E-mail obfuscation Not Yet Delayed Indexing

Common Features

Common Features At a Glance
Built-in Preview Built-in Minor Changes
Built-in Page History Built-in Change Summary
Built-in Page Revisions (Unlimited) Built-in Revision Deltas (Between All)
Built-in Page Index

Special Features

Special Features At a Glance
Page Information Change Management Localization
Built-in Namespaces Built-in Email Notification (Optional) Built-in Interface Languages (20+)
Built-in Categories Built-in Conflict Resolution Built-in Unicode Support
Built-in Full-text Search Built-in Page Redirection Not Yet Right-to-Left Support
Plug-in Comments

Syntax Features

Syntax Features At a Glance
Built-in Internal Comments Plug-in Math formulas Plug-in HTML Tags
Built-in Custom styles Plug-in Emoticon Images Plug-in Feed Aggregation
Built-in FAQ Tags Plug-in Syntax Highlighting Plug-in Markdown Support
Built-in Content Includes Plug-in Footnotes Plug-in BBCode Support
Built-in Tables Plug-in Quoting


Links At a Glance
Built-in Freelinks Built-in InterWiki
Built-in Backlinks Built-in Windows Shares
Built-in CamelCase (Optional) Plug-in SisterWiki
Built-in Image Links


Usability At a Glance
Plug-in Section Editing Built-in Toolbar
Built-in Access Keys Built-in Auto Signature
Plug-in Double-Click Edit


Statistics At a Glance
Built-in Recent Changes Plug-in Recent Visitors
Built-in Wanted Pages Plug-in Analysis
Built-in Orphaned Pages Plug-in Most/Least Popular


Output At a Glance
Built-in HTML (XHTML 1.0 Transitional) Built-in Raw Export Built-in ATOM & RSS Feeds
Built-in CSS Stylesheets Plug-in HTML Export Plug-in Abbreviations
Built-in Themes & Skins Plug-in XML export Built-in Table of contents
Built-in Printer Friendly (Print View) Plug-in PDF Export

Media and Files

Media and Files At a Glance
Built-in File Attachements (Optional) Plug-in Image Editing
Built-in Media Revisions (Optional) Plug-in SVG Editing
Plug-in Embedded Flash Not Yet MindMap Editing
Plug-in Embedded Video Not Yet Media Search

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