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2013-10-12: !!WARNING!! There is currently a complex conjugation bug on the trunk/ branch - if the Hamiltonian is complex then mp-dmrg will give the conjugate of the wavefunction, and the variance calculation is incorrect.

2013-09-17: Minimum compiler version for compiling the toolkit from now on is gcc-4.4 (recent intel compilers should work too, I will try and find out what the corresponding version numbers are). Compilation has been tested for ICC 11.1 and MKL 11.1 as well as ICC 13.1/MKL 11.1. See for the list of C++ features usable with gcc-4.4. The big ones are rvalue-references, initializer lists, variadic templates, static assertions, auto, new function declaration syntax, decltype, SFINAE for expressions, enum class. At some point it will become necessary to add the compiler flag -std=c++0x

2013-08-25: Updated wiki to latest version, and installed a MathML plugin. This means you should use a MathML-enabled browser such as Firefox to view this wiki. The delimiters for Latex are { \$ ... \$ } (inline) and { % ... % } (centred on a new line).

2012-04-12: The wiki site has moved! The new home is at

2012-04-12: The subversion server has moved! Unfortunately it appears to be not possible to migrate an existing working copy to the new server. If you have any files which have been modified please contact Ian ( to arrange submitting them to the new repository. To check out a working copy from the new repository use "svn co svn://". Anonymous checkouts are allowed; if asked for a username just leave it blank.

2010-12-15: Due to continued spam attacks, I have added a global edit password to the wiki. Contact Ian if you would like the password.

2008-06-02: The Subversion repository has moved to a new server, at To relocate an existing working copy to the new server, use

svn switch --relocate svn:// 

2007-07-04: Update to MQueue.

2007-06-26: The mptoolkit has just hit 100,000 lines of code! I'm not sure this is something to be happy about...

2007-05-05: Cool new feature: mp-expectation now understands expressions! See OperatorExpressions for how to use it.

2007-02: I have installed the SourceBlock extension, for syntax highlighting of source code. To see an example, try Main.Hamiltonian

2006-12: The current version is 0.7.4, located at mptoolkit/trunk in the Subversion repository. For some information on updating lattice files from version 0.7.3 to take advantage of the new features, see TrunkNotes. There is a tool mp-load-0.7.3 that converts wavefunctions from the 0.7.3 format to 0.7.4.

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