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Summary: Segfault in H_V{0.5} : Hamiltonian without exchange Created: 2016-08-17 16:48 Status: Open Category: Bug From: Jason Pillay? Assigned: Priority: 3

Toolkit version/branch: Tool: OS: Linux

Description: A segmentation fault occurs when running mp-iDMRG-s3e using the lattice file spinlessfermion-u1.cpp. The Hamiltonian only had 1 term i.e. H_V{0.5}. This term is a local term, thus the Hamiltonian does not have any exchange terms in it.

Strangely, this segfault does not occur when doing the same thing for a spin chain with no spin exchange (just a field), and it worked. Jason Pillay?

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Page last modified on August 17, 2016, at 06:48 AM