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Summary: Adding a 'nested function' feature Created: 2016-08-01 18:30 Status: Resolved Category: Feature From: SNS Assigned: Priority: 1

Version: OS: CentOS 6

Resolving note: This feature was already implemented in the current version. However the character 'i' should not be used in defining functions to not confuse parser, as it is reserved to show the unit imaginary number.

Description: At the moment we can add 'functions' to the lattice source codes, using Lattice.func() routines. This is great; in fact, PARSER can understand a variety of function forms and supports some commonly-used functions like sin(), cos(), and more.

But there is NO 'nested function' feature available. I.e. a function cannot be called inside another function and create objects having functional forms. We need to add this; a first step would be when two functions are defined in the same lattice and PARSER needs to successfully understand calling one inside another one with arbitrary variables. The next step would be the ability to add some default functions through something like a global header file.


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Page last modified on August 22, 2016, at 01:10 PM