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Installation instructions for the theory cluster at LMU

We have a very inhomogeneous hardware and software situation which makes it a little difficult to provide a stable productive working environment. I restrict myself to the amd64 machines running on Debian etchnhalf linux available through the DOLLY, GHOLA and GRAIL queues. Unfortunately, the new powerful workstations at Ulis group have still a very poor software collection installed.[<<] All compiling is to be done on shepherd, the cluster frontend.

  • Download the ACML 3.6.1 from AMD and install it somewhere in your home. Finding a version of ACML that works with the ancient gcc installed on the system took some time ;-(.
  • Boost is already available
  • MPToolkit (adjust the path to your ACML accordingly)
> export F77="gfortran"
> export CXXFLAGS="-DNDEBUG -O3 -march=opteron"
build/x86_64> ../../configure --bindir=$HOME/bin/$(uname -m)
   --with-blas="-L$HOME/numerik/acml3.6.1/gfortran64/lib -lacml -lacml_mv -lgfortran"
build/x86_64> make
build/x86_64> make install
  • In theory there exists a Intel compiler on the Intel machines, however, it lacks the fortran part and is quite difficult to use. Also the MKL floats around on the systems, so in principle, it should be possible to make use of the Intel computers also.
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Page last modified on December 16, 2010, at 05:14 PM