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APCTP Workshop: Tensor Network States

Monday 28th August: Density Matrix Renormalization Group and Matrix Product States

Lectures given by Dr Ian McCulloch

Talk slides

The lectures will be mostly given on the blackboard. However some talk slides will become available.

  • Lecture 1, introduction to tensor networks and matrix product states
  • Lecture 2, a simple DMRG code, using Python. The code is available at SimpleDMRG
  • Lecture 3, Matrix Product States and Matrix Product Operators
  • Lecture 4, a DMRG code in the MPS/MPO representation. The Python code is available at MPS-DMRG

Other topics

There is a tutorial on symmetry protected topological states in the HOWTO section, at HOWTO.SymmetryProtectedSpinChain. This covers some of the aspects of SPT phases discussed in Prof Masaki Oshikawa's lectures. To run the example programs, you will need to install the Matrix Product Toolkit.

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