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The Matrix Product Toolkit

The Matrix Product Toolkit is a comprehensive suite of tools for constructing and manipulating Matrix Product States, aimed at numerical simulations in condensed matter physics, quantum information science and related areas. For more information and history of the toolkit, see the About page.

To get started, see the Download and Install links below. To see some applications of the toolkit, try the HOWTO pages note much of the documentation on the HOWTO pages is out of date.

The code repository for the Matrix Product Toolkit is

This site is now hosted at Previously, the toolkit was hosted on the website of Ian McCulloch at the University of Queensland.

  • Download: How to get the program from the git server
  • Installing: How to install the toolkit
  • HOWTO: Tutorials on using the toolkit
  • Tools: Detailed documentation for each program in the toolkit
  • IDMRG: iDMRG overview
  • References: Further information on DMRG/matrix product states
  • Links: Links to other DMRG resources
  • Please submit bug reports to github, or use the contact details supplied in the header message of mp-info.
  • NCTS: Tutorials for the NCTS Summer School

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